Golden Ratio

‘Golden Ratio’

Life. Round and around and around it goes.

In Golden Ratio the spiral shape takes center stage, as it’s the shape in which the ancient aesthetic principle most often is displayed. A spiral symbolizes the life cycle, growth, change and movement. It counters balance, encouraging us to keep wandering. Infinitely onwards.

The Golden Ratio collection echoes the unending flow of life and the emotions that emerge with it. As what is life if not a sequence of sentimental memories. Some more blissful, others more melancholic. Sentiments that are translated into a distinctive teardrop form, that completes the collection with a signature expressive touch. The beauty of a spiral narrative is that it moves in both ways. Inwards — deep into ourselves, our souls and the past. Or outwards — into the world, kindred spirits and the future. But always, infinitely onwards.

Warrior A ring

Warrior B ring

Warrior C ring

Pink Matter

Heart of the sea

In Limbo necklace

Mountain climber necklace

No tears left to cry necklace

Abundance necklace

Sequence necklace

Sequence bracelet

Abundance bracelet


that’s hot

don’t smile

Resistance Ring

Little miss sunshine earrings

Volute cuff set

Mountain Climber Earrings

Volute cuff rock crystal set

Spiral cuff